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Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Pirate Radio Archives - Radio Atlanta SW 1981


The depth and wealth of pirate radio archives that were part of the Anoraks Ireland Collection donated to the Irish Pirate Radio Archive at Dublin City University is diverse and important both to pirate radio history and social history. Much of the archives collected by Paul Davidson while he ran the fanzine Anoraks Ireland is focused on Ireland but some of his collection features UK pirate radio, European and American illegal broadcasting and offshore pirate stations. The publicity attached to these stations was conducted in a pre-internet era, when fans sent for ‘newsletters’ by using IRC’s, International Reply Coupons he assist with post.


This is the first of these newsletters in an avalanche of archives we are delighted to bring to you is the Newsletter of the Radio Atlanta from 1981 who broadcast on short wave. In the Newsletter they provide a brief station history and announced that they planned to introduce a medium wave relay from a transmitter based in the Republic of Ireland on 228m. According to the DX Archive,

‘This station began in January 1979 and was run by Mark Stafford, heard in 1998 on European Klassik Rock on the Astra Satellite.’

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