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Monday, 27 August 2012


For a man with no broadcasting experience, the appointment of Seamus Clandillon as the first director of 2RN may have seemed a strange choice for the Government of the day but Clandillon mastered both the art and the management of an Irish radio station. Seamus was appointed in 1925 and the station went on air on January 1st 1926 primarily broadcasting to the Dublin area. Seamus was a traditional musician often credited with creating the Ceili and his love of music and singing often came in handy when their was air time to be filled.
Seamus was involved in Irish music from early in his life and even in the turbulent year 1916, Seamus was still extolling the wonders of Irish traditional music.
From the Donegal News newspaper 16th May 1903
Freemans Journal October 1916
His attention on 2RN was distracted in 1928 when he and his wife launched a libel action against 'The Irish Statesman' magazine over an article written by George Russell (known as AE). The article was a review of a book of Irish songs and music compiled by Seamus and his wife titled 'Londubh an Chairn'. The court case lasted a number of weeks but at its conclusion the jury were unable to reach a verdict and in boxing terms the two pugalists returned to their respective corners. While working diligently as Director of Broadcasting, Seamus continued to travel around the country judging numerous Feis competitions which he continued even after he left 2RN. Seamus passed away on April 21st 1944.

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