Monday, February 13, 2017

The Complete Radio Station List - Ireland 1900-2000 Part Six

The book, 'A History of Irish Radio 1900-2000' is almost complete, alas it will have to be poured over now by legal departments. The index is as follows

Chapter One - The Introduction
Chapter Two - In the Beginning 1900-1910 and The Marconi Era
Chapter Three - Rebel Radio, the broadcasts of 1916
Chapter Four - The Fledgling Twenties
Chapter Five - The Radio Evolution 1930's
Chapter Six - Dangerous Forties
Chapter Seven - Stagnant Fifties and the Arrival of Television
Chapter Eight - The Swinging, Broadcasting Sixties
Chapter Nine - Irish Radio On The Edge
Chapter Ten - The Radio Revolution - 1980's
Chapter Eleven - Two Steps Forward & One Back 1990s
Chapter Twelve - Context


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