Monday, 5 September 2016

The 'Up For The Match' (RTE) Top Ten

Each year on the eve of the both the hurling and football All Ireland finals RTE broadcast a special programme 'Up For The Match' hosted by Grainne Seoige and Des Cahill. A programme featuring chat, stories and music as they built up in 2016 to the All Ireland hurling final between the Premier county of Tipperary and the Cats of Kilkenny. But this year rather than simply reviewing the show, I have produced a top ten.

The 2016 Up For The Match (RTE) Top Ten
1   Eddie Brennan (9)
2   James Woodlock (8)
3   Ken McGrath (7)
4   Liam Sheedy (6)
5   Lar Corbett (5)
     Anna Geary (5)
7   Cha Fitzpatrick (4)
8   Aidan Tierney (3)
     Ritchie Power (3)
10 Owen Kelly (2)

So I am guessing you are asking the top ten in what? It is the number of times each guest said the phrase 'I SUPPOSE' while being interviewed on the show. Eddie Brennan the former Kilkenny hurler said the phrase 'I suppose' nine times. Even host Des Cahill managed to say it once. That means throughout the show 'I suppose' was spoken 56 times.

It was not the only repetitive phrase used by guests from the two neighbouring counties. Also up there were 'ye know' and either 'ah sure look' or 'look ah sure'.
Ah sure look Tipperary won, ye know I suppose they were the better team on the day.

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