Friday, 27 January 2017

Christmas 2017..Already?

With the post Christmas diets on the cusp of derailing as the end of January approaches, it's now just ten months to the launch of Christmas FM 2017. Raising thousands of euro for charity the station has gone from strength to strength from its studios located in the Ballsbridge area of Dublin. This year Christmas FM ventured outside the shores of the Emerald Isle with a Global Christmas FM for online consumers.

But it is not alone on the air there are a number of different incarnations of Xmas radio. Most familiar in Dublin is David Baker's Radio Snowflake that can trace its lineage back to the original Christmas music station in Dublin Radio Snowflake dating back to the 1980's and located variously in Ringsend and Sandymount.

But in 2016 there were a number of other Christmas station's online and in Belfast. Radio lapland entertained both sides of the divide in Northern Ireland while both ABC Radio and Live Ireland had Christmas tunes entertaining the listeners.

How many stations will try to muscle in on the Christmas market in 2017 and could the stations not unify for such a short period and in the name of such good causes?