Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Ireland and Irish television has a proud history of non human puppets anchored at the top of the ratings. They have entertained, educated and brightened up our viewing experience. There has been a lull, an uneasy peace from our on screen heroes. They have represented us in the Eurovision, taught our children to be safer on the roads and abused celebrities on our behalf but now is the time for a new hero on screen.
Introducing Ireland Has Puppet Talent 2, the search for a new puppet star to take on the mantle of Judge, Podge and Rodge and Dustin. Let the talented creative people of Ireland, design and display their new creations live on television. Just like any of the current crop of talent shows on ITV or BBC, the new show will be judged by experts in the field and hosted by Podge and Rodge. The Irish viewing public will vote on the winner, with the prize of a new television show and new safety campaign aimed at the youth of our nation.
That's the dream. Maybe it can become a reality with the right people, are you listening Ciaran, Mick and John. While we are waiting here is a look at the non-humans who as a nation we have taken to our hearts and have grown up with over the decades.

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