Thursday, 9 May 2013

'Dublin Pirate Radio' TV history series needs YOU!

Hi All,
In July and August 2013 we will be recording a TV series for the voluntary based Dublin Community Television channel (UPC 802 & AerTV) of 1 to 1 interviews commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the closure of pirate radio in Dublin. This was as a result of the introduction of the 1988 Wireless Telegraphy Act in December of that year that cleared the airwaves for the new legal franchises.
This nostalgic and educational look back at the heady days of Dublin's colourful pirate radio era will be both studio based and shot on location. If you were involved at any stage in pirate radio pre-1988, I want to talk to YOU. It's your story I want to tell. Did you or someone you know broadcast on air, built transmitters, were involved in raids or just answered the telephone?
There were thousands of people involved over the decades and our air time is limited to one series but every story and anecdote counts.
You can contact me Eddie Bohan at and we can have a chat and take it from there.
DCTV are also looking for Volunteers who feel they can contribute to the making of their programmes. This is an ideal opportunity to get involved and gain experience in studio operations, camera work, video and sound editing, research, studio management and production design. Contact DCTV with a CV or watch for forthcoming announcements.

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