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What constitutes a quiz show? – Deal or No Deal is a game show as is The National Lottery Games like Winning Streak where luck plays a major role. Quiz shows are where questions and their answers whether general knowledge or specialized decides the winner.
In 2013 the British channels BBC, ITV and Channel 4 broadcast numerous quiz formats especially on their afternoon schedules. RTE do not broadcast any except for quizzes aimed at the youth audience. TV3 broadcast Junior Mastermind, while TG4 broadcasts Ceist GAA. None of these shows offer major cash prizes for successful contestants.
Challenging Times
1991 - 2001
Kevin Myers
The show was very similar in nature to the BBC’s University Challenge. The first winners were St Patricks College Maynooth while the winners of the final series were University College Cork. The show was hosted by Irish Times journalist Kevin Myers
Blackboard Jungle
September 18th 1991 – July 31st 1997
Ray Darcy
This was a general knowledge quiz broadcast on RTE 2 and featuring teams from secondary schools across the country. Produced by Gerard Heffernan and Frontier Films
Lyrics Board
1992 -
Aonghas McAnally/Linda Martin
'The Lyrics Board' was produced by 'Like It Love It' for RTÉ. Two opposing teams competed to recognise song titles from words on a board and to individually perform songs. Each team captain sat in front of a set of keyboards. Team captain were former Eurovision winner Paul Harrington and The show was one of RTE’s most successful format with it being exported to over a dozen countries.
Hot Milk & Pepper
September 8th 1996 – April 23rd 1999
Brendan O’Carroll
'Brendan O'Carroll's Hot Milk and Pepper' was made by Frontier Films for RTÉ and featured two families of four competing against each other
Dodge The Question
July 8th 1996 - 1997
Jonathan Bowman
'Dodge the Question' was made by Like It, Love It for RTE
14 September 1998 (One Season)
Derek Mooney
A schools based quiz created by Frontier Films and was made to replace Blackboard Jungle with a similar format for secondary school students answering general knowledge questions and problem solving

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