Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Don was known in the pirate radio world as Doctor Don. Originally an electrician he began as a DJ with Radio Dublin before having a fall out with fellow owner Eamonn Cooke. He joined up with another pirate radio station known as Alternative Radio Dublin. The decision to move from a hobby occasional broadcaster to a more regular schedule required finance and Moore found a new investor. Bernard Llewellyn not alone brought in much needed finance but brought a new professionalism and alternative to the Dublin airwaves.
In 1981 he was involved in the setting up of Channel D, the city's first pirate television channel which lasted a couple of months. Don Moore continued in pirate radio circles including North East Radio until he entered the world of healing and setting up his practice in Drogheda.
Don took hobby pirate radio out of the early seventies and took advantage of lax Government policy and weak legislation. His influence cannot be underestimated as the ratings for an alternative to RTE radio soared. To counteract the influence of stations like ARD, the state broadcaster launched RTE Radio 2 and the political conversation led some people within the pirate radio world to believe that the Government was about to introduce legal commercial radio. As a result men like Llewellyn withdrew their financial support for pirate radio but its was Don's vision of an alternative and a need within the Dublin listening public that enters him into the Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

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