Monday, 22 May 2017


Ireland has a long and colourful pirate radio history dating back to the iconic events of 1916 and the world's first pirate radio broadcasts during the Easter Rising. Hundreds of pirate radio stations have broadcast across Ireland. These pioneers have led to a revolution in Irish radio and have led us to our radio of today.

No exhibition, gallery collection or museum exists to celebrate, commemorate or document the stories of these stations many of them still fondly remembered today. These stations have produced many of our broadcasters of today both at home and abroad. A wealth of material exists but as we move further from those halcyon days these need to be archived to educate and inform future generations of listeners, presenters, producers and technicians.

It is remiss of us as a nation not to have gathered this memorabilia and that the most extensive Irish radio archive is based in Scotland curated by the wonderful lads at the DX Archive.

A meeting will take place upstairs at Branigan's pub just off O'Connell Street near the 
Pro Cathedral on June 7th 2017 beginning at 7pm Sharp

If you are a broadcaster, a former pirate radio employee or operator or just an anorak with boxes of memorabilia gathering dust in your attic then this meeting is for you. The discussion will cover plans for a gallery exhibition or a permanent pirate radio museum, how the items should be collected, archived and curated and the most important question how it should be funded.

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